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Our Expanders Set is a universal modern exercise tool that allows you to workout wherever you go. ⠀

You can train different muscle groups and get engaged in any type of fitness — from Powerlifting to Pilates — you just need to choose the tube of the necessary resistance. ⠀

Our Expanders allow you to move in any trajectory, with any intensity range, depending on your goals in sports and fitness. It is a great choice for both amateur athletes and professionals because our Expanders are absolutely safe. They are suitable for men and women of any age and any level of physical endurance. This is your little helper to achieve small and big goals!

Why Choosing Our Expanders?

Quality Our main focus is on high quality materials.

We use 100% natural latex for resistance tubes which has more benefits over rubber bands Latex does not stick to the skin and will serve you much longer (even if you pull it in all directions 24 hours a day).

Our carabiners and rings are made of highly durable, charming black & gold nickel. The carabiners can be attached and detached easily during your workout.

The belt is made of wear-resistant materials and is suitable for regular and intensive trainings.

Our cuffs have soft padded linings to make your leg “rest” comfortably during trainings. The leg will be well fixed and the cuff will never rub against your skin and will not spin on your leg.

High quality materials and special design of the expander handles will secure comfortable and safe workout. You don’t have to worry that it may slip off during training.

Comfortable And Easy To Use: Make your workout experience more diverse! Exercise at home, in a city park or in the nature, take our fitness set with you on a road trip, so you do not have to stop training while traveling or on a business trips. You just need to open our compact, convenient bag to create your personal gym space.

And a Little Extra…

The soft roller for a door stop prevents damaging the door

The Expander Bag is made of high quality fabric. It’s compact and easy to carry.

The Expander is easy to clean. You can just rinse it with water.

OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Who Needs Expanders? Expanders are perfect for almost any muscle group, for both men and women of all ages.

The Expanders Set Includes: 4 tube expanders with different resistance levels (4.5, 6.8, 9.1 and 11.3 kg) 2 rubber handles 2 strong and secure cuffs Roller with soft lock for a door stop Comfortable and durable brand bag

Warranty We provide a 100% return warranty. If you receive the product with damage or defects, we will refund you in full or exchange it for a new Expanders set.